Mike Larson: How to Avoid the Ticking Time Bombs in the Global Banking Sector

December 28, 2012

Many “experts” say that the global financial crisis is over. But Mike Larson and Weiss Ratings’ latest report, “Winners and Losers in the Great Global Banking Crisis of 2013-2014,” proves that many of the world’s biggest banks are still vulnerable.

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1 Alex January 1, 2013 at 8:56 am
The global financial crisis is not over, but the cause has been shifted. The government has just assumed all the debt. Look at QE3. The Fed buys $40 billion of mortgages each month. What do the banks offer the Fed each month? Their bad loans. Sure the banks are getting healther because they are dumping their bad loans off on the Fed. A financial collapse occurs when the banking system fails. Thus a collapse is less likely. However, the problem has been shifted to the government. When all those housing loans go bad, the Fed will own all these houses, will dump them on Freddic Mac and FNMA and they’ll be puked out, keeping a lid on housing. One more aspect, stop fighting the Fed. The Fed is pumping up housing and stocks. I would not short either. In fact, I’m buying cheap foreclosed housing and renting it. The Fed should continue to grow money supply enough to keep housing from collapsing below this level and people need a place to live. The Fed is desperate so the printing press will keep going until inflation becames a problem.


2 Karl Hussey January 1, 2013 at 3:46 pm
For those of you who have chosen not to ‘fight the fed’, you in turn become ‘enablers of the fed’. The whole of the incestuous gov’, crony ,bankster system is a house of cards,built upon lies,cobbled over the sands of ingorance and false hope. The fed(fraud)reserve is above and beyond auditing because applying GAAP to its’ fraud transactions would immediately cripple the global financial systems. Its’ $6-8T(maybe $10T+ who knows;patheticly less, who cares!?) of faked backed debt pales only in comparison to the US’s $16T+ of real and un-repayable debt. Much the same treachery applies to the ECB, the IMF, World Bank,the Central Bank of Japan (even the Swiss!) and all central large ‘sovereign’ fake money digitizers. The idea that this race-to the-bottom currency game can last for long is delusional. This game is far more precarious than the ‘greater fool’ games played in the equity markets world-wide. The equities in collapse may prove to be ,at worst, a zero-sum game. Remember all those hedges holding the shorts as the longs loose their shorts . When the fake-money game collapses,all players become loosers. Don’t count on GLD or SLV or any of the paper gold and silver charades for salvation. They also shall swing chaoticly. If you like the fed charade, by all means play on. If you tire of the charades……play elsewhere


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